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Whatever your requirements we guarantee to give a first class service in design, manufacture, construction and delivery of your timber frame project

Selfbuilders - you may wish to ask Horton Timber Homes to take care of the project from slab structure up to the project being available for plumbing/electrical phases and finishing. This would ensure our responsible teams achieved a project on schedule and budget as quoted for.


Timber Frame can provide a water tight building in a very short space of time with our window and roof package hugely reducing the schedule.


Developers - Horton Timber Homes can supply a single show house right through to a 5 storey block of flats with options of package specification as below.

All packages will include:

  • The crane and operatives to construct the timber frame building

  • Engineering calculations

  • Design service to standards

  • Speedy service from the order placed to completion

  • Bespoke service for all tailored needs

Bespoke packages include:

  • Factory fitted external (PIR) polyisocyanurate insulation

  • Tf200 Thermo protect external breather membrane

  • Windows supplied and fitted

  • Roof, felted battened and tiled to any specification

  • 1st and 2nd fix carpentry

Timber frame buildings provide the most sustainable construction with high speed and quality ensuring costs are controlled.


Since 2008, all new homes have to be rated for sustainability based on energy use, carbon emissions, water, materials, waste, health and other aspects of environmental impact.

A timber frame home designed and built by Horton Timber Homes can help you achieve a higher CSH rating, while helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Call Horton Timber Homes to receive a free quotation on any timber frame project
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